Please let the princess talk.

jeon jeongguk - color porn


Someone’s thrilled after finishing filming his part (◡‿◡✿)

taehyung making friends the hard way


having a good url is the #1 way to trick people into thinking ur a good blog

You’re the cutest of all the cuties that there are

Anonymous said: sometimes i look at some photos of jungkook and he looks like a 25 year old but in others he looks 10 but then i'm like wait your 17

SAME sometimes i’m like “how are you only 1 year older you look so mature wow” and other times i’m like “this kid can’t be older than me..” it’s amazing o.o

yoongi’s shoulder…arm…skin???

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[btw this cute hobi fanart was made by my lovely Miriko <3]